On-demand training

As well as publishing dates of courses directly, we have an additional facility to respond to the needs of our adult volunteers to run a course ‘on-demand’. 

This on-demand system works by making a module available for a user to express their interest in via the diary page. A user chooses as many or as few modules as they wish then click the ‘register’ button. From here they are then asked for some details including their usual availability. This allows those running modules to look for dates likely to work for the group of people registered.

For a learner

Using on-demand modules lets you express an interest in a module and say when you are normally available. The person responsible for the module will then be in touch with you separately to setup a date which works for you and others interested. It is likely that we will wait until a reasonable number of people are interested in a course, but you will be sent an email with details of the course leader if you have any questions. 

You can book onto existing courses and register for on-demand courses through the online diary. You can also find e-learning, workbook and other resources at the learners resources page of the The Scout Association website.

For a manager or Training Adviser

Many of our adults are busy and publishing one set of fixed dates each year doesn’t work for all of them. By providing the option for some courses to be available on-demand we hope to provide learning opportunities in a more flexible way to our learners. All course booking information is still available through the online diary.

For trainers

You can manage the on-demand settings for a module through Manage Training Variables – On-Demand Settings. You can setup a new course, venue or contact through Manage Training Variables. You can then create a module as on-demand using Diary Management, or Edit Existing Entries. If you’ve got any questions, please contact Pete Jeffreys

How to get involved

Register interest in volunteering or join our youth programme